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Related article: Date : Fri, July 9, 2010 October 18 57 -0600 From: dnrock rock. com Subject: The beneficial owner 1 The benefit : dnrock ( dnrock rock com. ) This is a work of fiction. This does not mean, Young Beauty Models any fact or facts contain only the people and the economy are fiction. If you have n a problem with homosexuality, sexual relations between men and boys, men and women , children and men and women should not read. If you are in a certain age, as defined in the space in your home, you know what n to do. Nifty has rights to publish and maintain copyright. This Young Beauty Models story is mostly about the adventures of Tom Anderson and some other members of the present. A series of books of fiction and nonfiction, songs, pieces , and others mentioned in the text. A song is mentioned several times at Young Beauty Models different points in history. The song is " El Niño Drummer " by K. Davis, H. and H. Onorati Simeone (1958). Most other references are seen, how they are produced. In addition, Young Beauty Models Tom and CREw, of the time to time, with characters from other stories that are not in your interact author so Young Beauty Models humble. In some parts of the story is mentioned that of real places such as city parks, state and national events or for example, the Calgary Stampede. The reader is invited to check More specifically, to some websites that have been included in the text. is for other bits of information, a quick search on the web should be useful to be For more information or just a picture. I assure the reader digressions to see things in detail will be worth it, and if these digressions his joy in this story, the better. The reader may wonder why the story begins with a historical background instead of short prologue. It is simply too long to be called Young Beauty Models a prologue, and I believes that it is easier to keep them here, then the leg of the frame with background information. The benefit : dnrock ( Dnrock rock com. ) Background and Introduction: the spring of 1867 a group of Union soldiers returned to their homeland. 75% of those who left before this long and difficult years, were return. The group led by their captain, the captain of the career of the school community, threats to a large extent the physical struggle and survived, most of which no return had died from the infection of small wounds and diseases. multiple missing limbs, was nearly blind and had suffered some trams mental, , but do not call it in those days. Captain Young Beauty Models Hobart has worked very hard to protect his men, neighbors, friends, colleagues, students. Hobart, in his time, was very polite. Like many scientists of his time, he was educated classically, read Latin and Greek. his Education n was in ancient Greek philosophy, mythology and information to land. His childhood heroes were Alexander and Plato. He knew how many complexities of the social system of the time and the realities and complexities of the itself. He was sent back east for educational, But he loved the border of life. realized Hobart, before going, perhaps, what these young people were doing No, some not coming back. Many young families have. upper Midwestern community that was locked from something out in the isolated n 1850 and people, all together a strong sense of loyalty. This was the second generation of the limits of men, strong, independent individuals. Peasants were met, the risks, the sweet of my own types of eyebrows. Most were religious in a way they did in the Church something, because their wives Young Beauty Models and mothers was. Hobart realized that it was better not try to weld a group is a well-disciplined fighting force, under orders, no doubt. that s ido better to solder in a group, n of the will to act protect each other in a spirit of common interest and welfare. He also knew that that the Greek city-states were strong and professional military. Each city- state had its own form of Government of Indiang to do so. in essence that the camaraderie and respect among members promoted. Some type preference for homosexual couples, believing that they would fight harder defense of her lover, then your only friend. Sprat and Thebes had to fight often heterosexual couples together. He knew that the duties of a citizen s in ancient Greece for young people and how they expect the young, the children take the age of 10 or 12 as a lover - apprentices to maturity. knew that these same men are expected to families and have children, to promote the city - state. He knew that some men and women would be gay, although he did not use that term. I knew that institutional does not create man - child of this sexual preference. For him it was as if was. From the beginning, Hobart promotes the concepts of friendship, based on all the usual reasons of intellectual and emotional brotherhood, Community and home. She supported what ever physical intimacy men were ComfoPortable. In small two-and four tents - the man, often to include 4 or 6, the men shared a common bed. Physical proximity is a given. Hobart was a great storyteller and his men, some of whom could hardly read were highly entertained. Promoting a result of his communion, the development is a commitment of men, where they should be in all some others and their families at the time, or not to be maimed. These men arrived in Hobart after a year of service with a proposal to formalize this commitment. Such a thing was not well seen in the the Union Army. It would be frowned upon by any army. Hobart created a secret society his "men " as advantageous. After his return, the men kept looking at each other for social enterprise and fulfill their duties ahead, slowly add another community members, non-veterans. Hobart, a public front for the secret society. A society of hunting and recreation facilities for men and children who simply Sam. in MBRS, the secret society could work without being seen. Over time, the sexual nature of male-male, part important benefit of the men was not only the will of do good for you n your fallen comrades, but ongoing sexual interactions , the compelled Young Beauty Models men to do his duty. Hobart suggested that another form n secret society called the League of Apollo, for those who wanted to improve the most physical and emotional bonding experience male-male, and to make the positive role the MB. The MB eventually transformed by a secret society, the public and assume the functions of a banking system , trust and insurance companies. No family went hungry or were always in danger of losing his farm, or business, because the man was not available or Young Beauty Models can. Hobart, provided that s all fatherless children attend social education as taken by including all children under 8 years in the SAM. Each child who is not, a male relatives older lead to highm was a " Big Brother" is assigned. kids who could not afford the family members were, what once was the financial assistance s. Older children who needed jobs were filled by ot members of the SAM. This was, in some respects, Hobart, the answer to the utopian ideas or , in the company during this period. His approach was just a bunch of more practical and less ideological. He saw the ancient Greeks for ideas on how mentoring programs with a strong sexual component. Hobart never married and had no children. He lived with his sister that was a childless widow. In 1880, Sara had a female raffle formed SAM counterparts. It was called the time of women and girls out society ladies of the women was later replaced. This group more or less parallel SAM development. Over time, the SAM and the ladies were endowed with land and other gifts from members and provides space, equipment, n and income. Apollo League expanded its membership and gradually work up to most Recreation members were members of the league. The beneficial side effect : was almost entirely of war veterans together. Over the years, of the company prospered and grew. Hobart would never consider having sex with people under 21, not for himself, he was involved in promoting the his own ideas, but demanded that the company is as democratic and equally possible. He also realized that the older children were embedded in the league that would be more comfortable, as they grew. He took the time and leadership to maintain these ideals of equality and brotherhood alive. Hobart One of the most important contribution was the concept of equal y exchange, especially in sexual matters. Sex was never used in of power or dominion of control. He expressed no opinion about incest but insisted that every boy of 13 has a male guardian to be assigned. That was not his mentor parent or guardian and should not be a close relative. that eventually took overyounger and sex education, the League. Each child had an older brother, a boy of 13 years and assigned to age 18, is not a member of the family again. Over the years, came as new generations all the children of members of recreational League to become members. While some of their fathers or uncles chose not remain a member league were the most willing to share their children to become younger members, and choose to continue or not as their own, free will. It was clear to most members of the League were bisexual, but s it was Hobart by the administration that the acceptance of what today as homosexual behavior or orientation has been accepted as normal and as natural as everything else. This attitude is now more or less Young Beauty Models frequently in the local community. Hobart was a visionary. How many of the rural population in North America, has a slow decline since the 1920s. Members live in many other states, and cities, most no longer a farm. You do not have to be regular hunting trips, fishing,Camp and enjoy the fellowship of other men. Most send their sons and daughters, even to spend the summer in the SAM and WGRS. Hobart as an educator said that academic learning, art, music, theater, arts and crafts of all kinds, along with hunting and fishing recreation skills (sports), were for young and old men leaning who wanted it. He believes that everyone should strive to " Renaissance man " who is. Many of the members of N was a merchant, and many of the boys was his apprentices. 1 Novices at Camp Charley was the opportunity to spend the summer in the SAM excited. He never was gone to summer camp. Ah, of course, had gone to city parks y playgrounds day for a week or two. He had been even in the SAM weekends with his family. But this was different, was a stay away to make at home and in the forest, swim and play with children y sports, music and lots of fun things camp. Charley was a little sad when we left hClassmates for the summer and football the team. He was a little hesitant to ever be away from home for long after one or two nights and then went to a cousin or a grandparent 's house. Of course, he knew where he went, he had been there and met some of the another boy, but that was different. Mother Charlie was worried that he did not have enough clothes. Dad n had everything we needed was a light jacket, toothbrush, slippers n and change (shorts, jeans, underwear and T-shirt ) is all provided by the camp. This is something Young Beauty Models that should already be known a mothers to be mothers. Charley is 8 and goes to class 3 in the fall. He is tall for his age, , but that's not all that great. He has blond hair, very short now, blue eyes, smiling murderer, a few freckles on his nose. Charley is as can take the field for one of the other parents who live in this city. A total of 4 campers of this city are entitled to the SAM. These guys do not knoweach other, but three of the parents are friends and members of the SAM, the fourth boy no father. Charley is the last to be chosen, because the mini van pulls the child's level reaches peak emotion. Mom, a WGRS member should know the ropes, but mothers still worry. Mr. Nelson again Charley put his hand on the boy s just like his father 's shoulders trends. This gives a new level Charley Comfort. Mr. Nelson speaks as his father and his new love Charley adults friend. Speak to the forefront of the other three guys and joke anticipation of a new child find more. Charley and James recognize the of other football teams rivals. They have met several other times n , but did not know the name of another. two months in the desert of central Minnesota, with a number of other guys, doing things, boy, what more can an 8 year old boy want. You need about two hours to reach the camp, while talking about the trip, the Young Beauty Models boys laugh, play, and evenYou do get some sleep. Mr. Nelson, the father of James, seamless to be disturbed by noise. He tells some stories, especially the tails high and the kids at camp a couple of songs to sing kind. Charley realized that Mr. Nelson knows the same songs, like his father and he is it, if that leads to the players. He also notes that James's father was a fork lump the Young Beauty Models same size as his father. These guys are good friends through the time to pull up the door. Mr. Nelson organized the kids, which s a gentle squeeze to all by using his huge arm around the shoulder Children pulling it against his body. "Dad is that all the time," Charley James. " Yes, my father looks like him too. " Eddy has no father. His mother was visiting male friends from time to time, but some of them seam to know how or even want a lot of interaction with him. Just accept what the behavior is shown, not long compare with him. The small group will be greeted by a college-age young man who knew Mr. Nelson warm. After the boy, he took the lead from the dining room hall for refreshments and Mr. Nelson is in the main house for a beer. boys are already several in the dining room of the camp and get more all the time. Soon Young Beauty Models the room with twelve children in the beginning full of class, which is 8, and 9 years old, fourteen children in years 10 and 12 years of age group called, juniors, fifteen of 13 15-year -old girl named interim and 21 in the 16-20 group called seniors. In addition, a group of older children or young people who are artists, teachers, cooks , and so on. Charley, like the other rookies, at least the first Year was young, eyes wide open - and aware of everything that that was happening. All first-year novices were dressed in street clothes. There were all and older children camp uniforms. The camp uniforms were made T-shirts with the names of the boys on the front and back. The shirts were White with Colored sleeves. Young Beauty Models Blue for young people, red for intermediate black for seniors. Novice shirts have white sleeves. The pants are blue, medium , Low Rise, spandex - cotton, which clings to the body. The shorts had to fly to that ends in a bag. The back is designed to outline the piston dash and column. Older children were issued white belt. younger boys in white panties bikini. In addition, each boy's pants warming jacket and with the same colors. Children also were given white Speedos swimming and rain gear nylon. The major had all their belongings, the rookie first year of his team was issued in the afternoon. The camp director called the meeting to order and after greeting all n introduced the novices, 6 the first year and 6 the second year. She asked each the first year of foot, when his name was mentioned as a way of introduction. the early years all the novices will be assigned a Big Brother. The residential units would be 3 novices, his three older brothers, two to four junior AAbout two to intermediates and four older siblings. Each cabin was about 12, then to 16 elders Young Beauty Models and youth were in a separate bedroom, unless your n Little Brother (LB ) was one of the houses. Each group of residential call home. The houses had names, and all buildings. each building was named after a member of the fall of the First or the Second War. novices were Big Brothers (BB ) has been assigned. Charlies BB are Nate, a 16- year-old from a , near the community of the city. Like any newcomer is introduced to your BB, BB committed to the young y of the Assembly: to maintain, protect, educate and win the love and the LB respect of his best efforts. Charley noticed that children frequently touched it and pressed their bodies against each other. had done After the introduction and the promise, Nate put his arm, apparently long Charlie's to assume much like Mr. Nelson, pushed him up against Nate, slender body and led him to a pair of chairs. this gaHe Charley s a sense of security and belonging. read the assignments home. The Novice first year with another Charley was Eddy. Eddy 's older brother, Richard, is a 16 years old, of the same town as Charley and Young Beauty Models Eddy. Nate turned maintain contact with Charley for the rest of the session. Richard noticed Charley bent act exactly in the same direction of Eddy. At first, Eddy jumped a little uncomfortable, probably because of its lack of greater male society. Charley was accustomed to his father, uncles and cousins, to touch him, he was very comfortable with it. Eddy jumped a little uncomfortable. When Eddy and Charley only in a restraint of urine, which ensures that all physics Charley Richard Eddy eye was normal, like his father and Mr. Nelson. Eddy jumped to relax- bits, then. " We are at home Randell," said Richard as the four went through the green. "The uniforms are already there, so all we need do is show that, about, you get a few rules, and keep your stuff. "Every child had a Foot Locker with their name on it. Every Foot Locker has uniforms, two pairs of n heating gear, riding boots, rubber boots, football boots, hiking boots socks, underwear and anything else you can imagine. "Put your pads on the street in these boxes but keep your running shoes," Nate said. "These places here in our our Charley, you get this to speak. Lets get changed. I. " Charley pulled his shorts y underwear T. " too, "said Nate. Charley seemed a little weird. Seine, well, Chuck, I can call Chuck, I can not, we are here for all children, and have the same computer. Charley was a little red, but not trying to show his shame. " Sure, you can contact me Chuck, Nate, " as he put his n out panties. Nate at once put his hand on the boy to let him push Don Young Beauty Models his ass. "They are a great example for a child. "He said. " You Do you serious? "" Yes, I like Chuck, we now in this uniform, " with carepatted the child's bottom. Charley took the white bikini panties those were big enough. "If they lay a little grumpy, that a grow in a week. One is filled to ensure they are well," thought Nate. Charley looked a bit uncomfortable, which Nate had a chance to feel the masculinity of the child. " By working closely you'll like this, has to adapt times, let me show you. " He said, and took the child in the stage of put his hand below the waist and pulled the small but now rock small hard tail - and partly to form to fill small Young Beauty Models testes bag. Nate was well in a tough, that has Young Beauty Models always surrounded looking for them. There With these shorts uniforms on hand. Nate did not care, Charley have noticed , but said nothing. "Better".. " Big I, " Charley took the shorts y zipped fly, they were a perfect fit your Bubble Butt was so tempting, Nate did everything he could do to get your hands off. " Sit for a moment, Chuck, we gotta talk. Well, I 'm talking aboutListen to them and ask questions, if any, OK. " " Sure. "Chuck took place in the lower bunk with his brother. " Wow that big and strong smells, no bad, no, Smalls as a man, "thought Chuck n " Now Charley are some rules you need to know. Now, as everything in life there are lots of rules here mention only a few in the area of ​​ that are critical from the beginning. First, if you are not in a group the activity, the only person who can tell me what to do. So if you na tells you to Young Beauty Models do something and you are not sure or do not want to do it, do not. Until you see me. If you think it is okay to will give a nod or sign. If I say no, or shake your head and it is this is knowing that if I say nothing, or not responding, the choice is yours I'll give it back. If someone asks you to do something and that the not sure how it is told. If you are asked to help and work is within their physical and mental capabilities of the otherl means bad luck I have it right? " " Understood, but why ? " " white, you should always ask something dangerous Young Beauty Models or something to do we can, but do not know, lose your level of skill or judgment, and some of the the older boys want to play pranks on rookies. I will not hurt the are not ashamed and frankly, we are so busy this summer , just do not have time for nonsense humor produces only expense of another. I have sworn to protect, recalls. " " Secondly, if for some reason I tell you to stop or freeze, do so. Do it, that now, I do not doubt it easy. You may ask questions or comment to stop, but first or freeze. " " I have a different protective response, my father taught me the same if I was little. " " right at the third. If someone does something for you, it hurts you, calls you a name or tease you in any way or affect the way that no tell me that you feel comfortable, and if I do not think BB Fred. They are not allowed to intimidate others orto have a little fun each other reason. Especially if they have a physical or mental disability. If you do Young Beauty Models this I'll be able to handle it. Protect and educate. " " Dad taught me to always treat others with respect and if someone has a handicap be useful, but respectful at the same time. " Just little man, right on. His father came through the program has not ? " " Yes he did, I always said, teaches us, as we were taught. " " Four, who never expected something you can not. that are expect your best in whatever you do. If you do not know how or Why ask. If practice or be afraid, he says. If you are afraid, not going to kick ass. Trying not, I will help until you can. " " s Got it. Yes but how really kick my ass ? " " Yes and no, no. in a physical way and never in front of others, but in privet n you feel safe, the wrath of my very clear and well trained tongue. elected me as your BB and my LB, because management believes We learn to love and respect others as much as if we brothers in the same family. Knowing Me, my personality, abilities, their strengths and weaknesses and we have at hand. It was only a random drawing. Your father made me an interview like his uncle Thomas. I wanted to be sure that would be compatible and have the same tastes and do not like, similar interests, and so on. That's the way it works all here. " " What is with Eddy, he has no father, who interviewed Richard? " Charley asked looking at his brother with wide eyes and a sincere expression. " Boy, the wind takes me. Your concern for your new friend is more than admirable. Eddy was a member who has no son of his client itself. I do not know who he is or has Eddy. It must be a neighbor or a can work with Eddy 's mother. Now you have to do to say Eddy got too. When your brother wants to tell you that his reputation, you and me. That's the way it works around here. Ithe sponsor of the Eddy wants to be friends, because Eddy wants as a friend, I would not be Eddy, because somehow forced. "He put his hands on the boys shoulders and looked into his eyes. " I can trust you to keep is silent ? " ", it is safe. Brothers learned to trust each other. " " God, I love ya, and we met for two hours. "Nate loved the child was not looking to talk, but he also had. Those blue eyes had his young heart in ways you never thought possible capture. It s like to have children, the demons, was one of them. But it was a new sensation something he felt was that once was when he realized the amount of loved his BB. Perhaps this was the way it is supposed it was? He Fred would ask. " Five, if you have any questions about anything or just want to talk I n there for you, always be there for you. I will always respect your confidence. No subject is taboo for the brothers. You should never feel uncomfortable around me. byIn late summer, you can guarantee we will know each other better than our parents know us. This is the for the first time away from home, right? Many newcomers in the first year back home ill during the first few days I have when I was a freshman have. Do you miss your own bed, room, your teddy bear or whatever is normal and the nature y should not be dismissed. If you ever feel lonely or afraid, that only in my lap, or snuggle up in bed with me and I will do y insurance. " " Do you like this, "said Charley, who jumped from her arms around his neck and Nate in the bosom of his now very hard cock grinding Boney leg. " Yeah, like this. "Nate hugged the boy pulled him out of his chest, and kisses his head. " I do not think the older kids, I'm just a coward? " " No, I doubt they were all in place at one time or another, and know that we never make fun of someone who shows some sort of sensitivity. It is not simply our way. " " But what if they do ?" Charley was a bit irrational, but 8 years of age, children are not rational is that? ", his older brothers, "their asses to come", but another thing when you see n two boys kissing each other, caress or just pretend not to notice. I mean, you 've noticed, but you can do and say nothing about it. " " Yeah, but what if Young Beauty Models a child wants to kiss me, or I pet him ? " " natural behavior and was not surprised or feel guilty. The rules are clear. If you want a kiss or a caress, and you have not asked before must ask permission first and remember No Means No. " " So if I want to kiss a guy, I have to wonder if agreed with advance that right? " " Well, you have to kiss and touch the sex organs. " " But I kissed her without permission. " " Yes, I kissed the top of the head. I refer to kisses on the lips. Kiss the cheek is quite acceptable in many cultures, because you probably know, and kisses the head or hair, or toehead in our culture is a sign of tenderness and affection is not Young Beauty Models the passion. I talked passion. " " OK, I can kiss you Nate? " " Yes, the little man can kiss me as much and as often as you wish, as long as I can give you a kiss. I like to be kissed, especially girls, but my kisses LB is always welcome. " Charley came to his lips in the buttocks and planted on the other hand, his lips pursed. Nate answered her lips tight Charlie and forced his tongue into the mouth of the child, but short n \\ \\ a bit in it Charley Young Beauty Models looked at his brother with a look very pleased. liked kissing , as he was safe, as it always come back. was not insurance why or what it meant, but he was doing was safe to it. Nate was very likely. was sure they would share a lot of kisses y more. in some way had to stop for the first week. in some way, he was welcomed to stay in control. it's as easy chips if he took the job. thatwas before I met the boy, that was before looked into my blue eyes and that was before finding the way early and lover Charley was. Fred was now more than n ever. It took Fred to fuck long and hard to suck his balls dry before the night, as Charley was going to lay in bed next to him naked and innocent. At least Richard will always be a party of tumble quickly. " Well, little man, you better think again in the hall, we have much to see the organization. All we have to a series of physical tests run on the next day or so. "them joined by Richard and Eddy as woke her in the direction of the dining room. "This afternoon, graphics, music distances and speed. In tonight's swimming and archery. " Two young man fell a few steps behind him to talk. The two older children knew that enough not to notice. " How do you like Eddy? " " Oh, I think Richard is the largest, living in our city and we ns in a position to doTuff even in winter. Richard does not have a father at home good. What about Nate? " " I think we get along very well. He is so strong and yet, as Young Beauty Models the heathen father. It makes me feel all tingly when I touched the arm or shoulder. " " Let's stop here for a minuet, "said Richard, as they have a low blow, said as home construction, home Westfall, of the characters. " This is the No team -building and my BB is running it. "Richard brought the rookie his BB Wiley, who received her kindly : " How would you like to see what s of the films we produce here is part of their sex education class, " appears in a team boys pressed the space bar over and the screen saver revealing naked boy about 12 or 13 Eddy suggested that the principle and the boys began to another by kissing and fondling n of the voice over explains what he did when a child began to kiss his lower body licked her partner as he approached an erection respectable size. as anatomical body parts Young Beauty Models areand above, the text is illustrated with arrows it. Charley and Eddy were fascinated with the process. Wiley said the big brothers, the girls were on the other side of the road produces its own female version and we would like our classes and that would take advantage of our male version. The counterpart of boy-girl would be this summer. Other rookies entered first year and directed to other terminals. The same CD was loaded on every front. "I never thought the guys had each other, Eddy said, " I never n just thought of before. " " It seems that both are enjoying it. " " Do you think Charley should enjoy ? " " do not know, I never thought about it, but it was before or maybe you have Nate Eddy I think I could. " " I do not really know either, and I'm not sure about me, never said Rich had everything you could not feel comfortable doing. " " Yeah, Nate said the same thing, and I think are serious. " Aptitude tests went pretty well sincand Young Beauty Models this is just what it is. Testing to the level of skill to determine each camper had in various activities. Military training camp dictates that a lot of skill or sport n such as archery, shooting and formed an important part. For these things, the training and instruction of the various activities took home. where is the military heritage of drilling and marching and performed often with House of Representatives. After the second week, he would go from one activity to singing in cadence, were usually more slippery words, the withdrawal of veterans. They combined for team sports like football or baseball two houses, in play the other two. The teams have contributed to the division level : beginner, young, and so on. At the time no score was kept, because the idea was that have fun and learn skills do not win games. Hobart stated philosophy simply is still believed, was that every man has a talent or skill with that can excel, our task is to identify what to keep, and they help you to succeed. Each of the first andNovices ear and his brothers were reporting on the n doctor's office. Tillard nurse greeted Carlos asked him to sit down. " Do you mind if your BB is part of this conversation, Charley ? " " No, sir, Nate, all I have to know which is my BB. " n Tillard was completed on her positive attitude gave him some hard sweet and told Charley to suck. He went on to ask any questions usual about your physical health. " Please take your towels. " Vi Nate Charley began nodding slowly, Charley s removal of clothing of their. Nate said : "Maybe if I take myself, you will feel more comfortable. " He did exactly that, and Chuck has to feel better. Tillard is your blood pressure in the bottle, weight, height and measurements of urine his whole body. Nate helped by the numbers on the map. Charley never really know how it is measured before. Tillard put the halving its thickness, thighs, calves, chest, neck and the length of the leg each, distance1 to the last vertebrae, at the fork along the healing inner legs together with the length and girth. It s shot the children of all parties indicating the date on each. Nate was digital image to be distracted while Charley took a blood sample Tillard dry. Once a medical examination room in Charley became the weird. I was so sleepy and almost certain. Dr. Derek Oleffsen ask in a chair and comfortable seating. Nate was sitting next to him. Dr. Charley Oleffsen asked if he liked the area so far and studied in the charts. "Please, Charley, I have to go the test. " Charley stood and listened to his heart Oleffsen, looked into his ears, touch y felt his body, including the penis and scrotum is usually empty. The room was lit very weak and very warm. Charley was becoming less quiet time. "Now, Charley, I want to sit and close your eyes. I will recite a poem to testr hear. Listen carefully, and every Young Beauty Models time I say the word your child raise your right hand. " began to read and began to lift Charley. Oleffsen voice was a constant hum, and Young Beauty Models the child became increasingly Young Beauty Models rare word. The poem was on the field and how the kids loved all the activities and each other. not a kind of free verse with repeated lines, saying it was a listeners was relaxed and confident. Oleffsen stopped, what should be in the child closed her eyes and be back in the Young Beauty Models chair. Charley s are observed. he began his Section Oleffsen deep hypnosis to Charley s as a cross, like the child in the situation. he brought monitoring back with the Stanford test, to assess their level and asked that the laity examination table. Charley met quickly. "They want to help Nate, I, Charley now no? " " Yes, I can know that " " Nate can help you get your LB? " " Sure, doctor, not Charlie. "Nate had Oleffsen the child standing next to laying on his back. Hand Charley said it was not a cloud in a test the table and that Nate is not only his brother but a representative of humanity in the Greek god Apollo. All I had to do was Apollo Energy is given. Nate began slowly running his hands over the child body described by Dr. Charley all the feelings lived. " He likes to be touched and if Nate touched the power of God entering your body can tell you, because your skin tingle, while his fingers go caress the nipples of chest. much time was devoted to the boys in the s in the crotch. Nate will kiss you and feel your Charley tongue in the mouth, it will be very exciting, and feels the tingling from neck to toes and feet to your penis. his penis is hard as Apollo Energy courses through your system. do you want to be kissed, and Nate wants to do, that kiss, kissed him back how Apollo Nate kisses give energy back. "Nate started sucking and licking stiff penis young child. mouth devoured the whole manhood and his tongue was playing up, down, and over n. Charley recalled the look on the CD, he remembered how much fun a line with children, now realized the inadequacy of his expectation was. The doctor took the boy's legs and put his feet up on the edges y just below the knees with her ass up ", now open your legs to the extent that can. " He rubbed his fingers and started playing with the anus children. I told her how to This felt good, how much he loved her and wanted to feel it again over and over again, as often as possible. He was told the child that would be the power of Apollo protect it from pain and that while he and Nate were his joy no pain. Oleffsen gently with your index finger into the anus guys and started his small field, hard. Meanwhile, he had Nate kissing and sucking the nipples and the boy's penis. Charley was hisHome with excitement and joy. The doctor told him how much I n enjoyed everything and how much they Young Beauty Models wanted to do it again and again. Finally, he suggested that the boys highlight the dedication to Apollo's rapture give, of the energy back to Apollo by his partner and receive the gift of Apollo pleasure. To dry with a strong vibrant orgasm. was Charlie and rolled down his repeated efforts again. Paying exactly in your buttocks, legs and shoulders. Meanwhile, the doctor had three big up the boy's fingers in the ass and sucking big cock Charley was Nate. Nate filled his mouth close to his cock head against the back of the throat of his s. Charley says that Apollo would be the power to suppress the gag reflects. Charley Oleffsen instructed to lick and, as such, but Charley knew that he considered them all to see on the CD. Derek asked the boy to memorize the smell of your BB. Smell is a powerful stimulant of memory and the smell of her brother would be a powerfulsexual desire. Charley back again and advocates Nate put his cock in the ass to her s. Nate did what the fuck guys from an expert, his penis pressed into the hole child with ease. Charlie sphincter relaxed and stretched. Nate 6-inch cock fills the rectum and driving and a good education for prostate wild. Nate Oleffsen finally allowed to ejaculate in the DA to the anus. He gave the power to return the child Nate hypnotic state in the ass and said, "Apollo Magic". Charley would be fully compatible with hypnotic instructions Nate, , and he likes the power of Apollo. He planted a contribution hypnotic suggestion should teach Nate to cleanse themselves and I ask him to kiss and fondle Nate, when they were alone. The most important thing is to never talk to that included in this space out of this room. It was never a secret Apollo of the League of Nations. In fact, it was neverto show that each sex Set the camp at all. Nate went to ask, to clothe him, and he went to dress Nate. Finally, we would do in the morning and afternoon respectively day until further notice.
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